Location Victoria Island, Lagos

Centre Heights is a gated residential development of 27 apartments made up of 6 units of 4 Bedroom flats, 12 units of 3 Bedroom flats, 2 units of 5 Bedroom Maisonettes, 4 units of 4 Bedroom Maisonettes and 3 Penthouse flats. It has sporting and relaxation facilities such as a Large Swimming Pool, Lawn Tennis Court, Squash Court, Fitness Centre and Sauna.

The development is fully serviced with Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant and Power Generators.

Being a commercial development the client had requested that the use development of the land should be maximized. This had to be balanced with comfort and ambiance for the high class level of clientele expected to residue in the development.

The main challenge faced was to keep as many existing trees as possible, Lagos State Regulation, states that for every tree cut down , 5 new trees are to be planted. Another challenge was to ensure that all bedrooms are cross-ventilated while maintaining privacy and all toilets are ventilated all in line with Lagos State Regulations