Year 1996
Location Victoria Island, Lagos
Category Commercial
Status Completed

The Citibank complex, which was designed in 1996, was the first building in which we were allowed to take a serious account of sustainability. The client was persuaded to double-glaze the fenestration and insulate the walls. As was customary at the time, deep shading was utilized to reduce solar penetration and heat gain.

The building serves both as Head Office and Head Office Branch for the bank. The building’s IT requirements spiraled during the course of design, creating the need for the provision of additional IT cabling in vertical ducting attached to the perimeter columns. This was not a requirement that came with the original plan but the JCA team ensured that the client’s needs were met, notwithstanding the challenge it presented.

The floor plates were maximized, keeping the building low, whilst provision was made in the structure for later provision of an additional floor, and by carrying the central core one floor higher than necessary.