Marina Admiralty Towers

Location Marina, Lagos

Driven by the inspiration to capture the entire view of Lagos from one location, the proposed thirty (30) floor Marina Admiralty takes the form of a curvilinear building. This offers a 3600 view of the coastal city. It’s a wrap round the story of Lagos, from the m
Marina, the down the harbor to the Atlantic ana to the hustle and bustle on Victoria Island, to the lagoon and the historic community of Lagos Island with the Lagoon and Maryland beyond. It is truly an extensive view of Lagos.

The building is zoned into three areas, consisting of the parking lot at the base of the tower, a banquet hall above with the office area above that and the hotel and flats on top The mid-rise level has leisure facilities like the rooftop pool, restaurant and recreational facilities opening out from the hotel.

A unique element of the design is the distinction of the multiple traffic in the building. What this means is that residents in the Luxury apartments don’t have to run into those in for business.