Location Agbara, Ogun State

Nestle needed to increase the storage capacity for their factory based in Agbara and therefore decided to construct a Warehouse on 45 acres of virgin land at Agbara along the Lagos Badagry Express Road.

The warehouse has a clear span of about 90m. This clear span was necessitated to give flexible arrangement of stocks depending on the needs of the factory. It way envisaged that the warehouse will be fully automated with a direct rail link with the factory and therefore obstruction created by intermediary columns was totally eliminated.

The main challenge of the project was erection of the 90m span main frame structure to overcome this challenge the structural engineers advised that 6 cranes be used simultaneously so that all the frames be in proper alignment.

Another challenge faced was to have continuous long-span metal noting sheeting. A fabricating machine had to be bought to site to fabricate the roofing sheets from coils as they were too long to be transported by road.