Location Akoka, Lagos

Towering above other buildings in the university campus, the 14 storey edifice designed in 1980 was completed in 1985. It is a combination of executive offices for the Vice Chancellor and Registrar, a new Senate chamber and general offices for the university administration.

The building is covered with heavy, deep, shading reducing the need for air- conditioning. Its mosaic clad louvres designed to be made of pre-cast concrete in 3 storey high panels were, in fact, constructed with in-situ sprayed render on steel mesh, on reinforcing bars.

The Unilag Senate Building demonstrated the importance of fire stopping of service ducts between floors as an electrical fire, fifteen years after completion, was completely contained within the duot and prevented from spreading.

The site lies across one of the main pedestrian routes of the campus and the design maintains this route, allowing it to pass under the building, rather than diverting it around the building. The intention is to imply accessibility for the student body to the university administration.

Beside the building a large courtyard was created offering a formal garden of trees in planters with bench sents incorporated, allowing students and staff to rest and congregate close to the administration.

A long wall in the undercroft is covered with relief a depicting a stylized map of Nigeria, bifurcated by the Niger and Benue Rivers and depicting patterns derived from the cloth all the major tribes of Nigeria. This beautiful piece of art was arguably the finest of the then Senior Partner of JCA, Zbyszek Plocki.